Supplies and Task Lists


BUBBLES and SQUEAK Inc., a commercial cleaner based in Etobicoke serving Toronto and Mississauga, uses some of these cleaning supplies, which we can provide. Alternatively clients may choose their own Shopping List of cleaning supplies for the scheduled order / ongoing service.

We are happy to provide all liquid cleaning supplies and vacuum, mop and bucket. We can purchase and invoice the cost of all paper supplies and garbage bags if you prefer. It’s up to you! Let us know how we can solve cleaning needs easily for you.

 Choose any one for each:

  • All-purpose cleaner (e.g.:) / Green all-purpose cleaning product or vinegar and water
  • Floor cleaner: Tiles – multipurpose like Pine-sol / Green floor-cleaning product or soap and water; Wood – Murphy’s soap or Pine-sol / Green wooden floor cleaning product or soap and water 
  • Kitchen Cleaner (eg: Comet, Vim) / Baking soda 
  • Toilet bowl cleaner & Toilet brush for best results / Green washroom cleaning product or baking soda
  • Glass / Mirror cleaner / Green mirror and glass cleaning product or vinegar and water
  • 10+ cleaning cloths (microfibre is best) Paper towel for streak free glass/mirrors / repurposed cotton rags
  • Extendable Duster (a long reaching duster for ceiling corners, ceiling fans etc… highly recommended instead of using a broom)
  • Mop and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner with additional bag or note to say where to find extra bags or if a central vacuum system is to be used, a note to inform of how many wall sockets and if the switch needs to be turned on at the source
  • Garbage bags, organic liners and a note to say where it should be disposed of in bins

Does your office have any of these surfaces?

  • Stainless steel, marble, stone etc… Lots of brands for each Green product, soap and water, stainless steel polish
  • Flat Stove tops – ‘Cerama Bryte’ Brand. Green product or baking soda


BUBBLES and SQUEAK Inc. will work with clients to create a specific list of what to have completely cleaned while on site each visit. Your assigned cleaner / cleaners will follow a list to ensure tasks are complete, 100% satuisfaction guaranteed.

Here is an example of where the BUBBLES and SQUEAK Inc. team of commercial cleaners can clean and sanitise / sanitize for you!

All Areas Of The Business / Organisation To Be Agreed Upon:

High Touch Points (HTP)
which are all:

  • Kitchenette countertops
  • Light switches
  • Hand railings
  • Keyboards
  • Telephones and electronics
  • Door handles, refrigerator handle, cabinet handles, faucets, etc. each visit

Plus regular cleaning such as:

  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings & light fixtures & dust ceiling fans
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Dust all furniture using wood polish/duster
  • Move small furniture and vacuum floor areas
  • Vacuum all floors and mop all flooring

Kitchenette To Be Cleaned:

  • Clean exterior of all appliances, inside microwave
  • Clean all counter space and kitchen table
  • Disinfect and spot clean exterior cabinets
  • Clean all sinks and polish chrome thoroughly
  • Vacuum and mop kitchen floor
  • Clean inside refrigerator


  • Polish all chrome and brass faucets
  • Clean and “dry” sinks and polish faucets
  • Sanitize toilet both inside and out and behind the base
  • Vacuum and mop bathroom flooring