About Bubbles and Squeak

Providing excellent cleaning since 2003

For nearly 20 years, Bubbles and Squeak Inc. has had one very important mission: to provide you with a safe, clean workspace for you and your clients through consistent delivery of our cleaning excellence and janitorial services.

With so many years of experience in the industry, we strive to continuously perfect our services for our clients. Our team combines the most dedicated employees with the best training we can offer, to provide our customers with a seamless cleaning service unlike any other, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Tailored to your needs

Since not all businesses are alike, we use a tailored approach with every client, providing you with a customized service plan that meets your unique cleaning needs and your budget. Contact us today to get your free estimate and on-site safe quote. We can start as soon as you wish! 

Bubbles and Squeak is one of the most trusted commercial cleaning services in Toronto – contact us today at 416-252-4100 to get started!

high traffic Common Areas –
COndomiNiums and Office Buildings

Bubbles and Squeak are professionals specializing in cleaning and maintaining all common areas, hallways, gyms, reception and so on for buildings and condominiums within the GTA. We clean supermarkets, banks, offices and grocery stores – for any establishment where you can expect countless people visiting every day, regular cleaning and maintenance is a crucial daily activity. Ensuring that your space is cleaned often can make a huge difference!

Our commercial cleaning services are cost effective and can help your space look fresh and attract customers. Rely on the expertise of our team of professionals for your cleaning needs and give us a call! 416-252-4100  

Clean & Disinfect to reduce the spread of infection

Bubbles and Squeak is prepared to clean and disinfect your business space according to the protocols set forth by Public health. We will disinfect all high-touch surfaces to ensure your tenants, colleagues and clients are safe from COVID-19 virus.

Why Hire a professional Cleaning Company for your business?

Office cleanliness is an important concern for any business. Modern business owners are pursuing higher office standards in order to provide a healthy, clean and inviting environment for their employees and clients. Cleanliness is more important than ever during this time of COVID-19!

A clean office promotes and increases productivity, and presents clients with a positive impression of your company. Office managers are choosing to hire a commercial cleaning company. We are local and would love to chat with you regarding your office cleaning needs.


Bubbles and Squeak Inc. is OPEN for office cleaning during COVID-19.

All our employees are following strict hand-washing, masking, sanitizing and distancing protocols.

We specialize in sanitizing your office or commercial space to reduce the spread of infection and for your peace of mind.