About Bubbles and Squeak Inc.

BUBBLES and SQUEAK Inc. strives to be the best commercial cleaner in Toronto and Mississauga.

Providing excellent cleaning Services since 2003

More about us…

For nearly 20 years, BUBBLES and SQUEAK Inc. has had one very important mission: to provide customers with a safe, clean workspace so that staff, clients, and other visitors experience the cleanliness through the consistent delivery of cleaning excellence and janitorial services.

With many years of experience in the industry, we strive to continuously perfect the commercial cleaning services for clients. Our team combines dedicated employees with the best training to provide customers with a seamless cleaning service unlike any other commercial cleaning company in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION = Tailored to your needs

Since not all businesses are alike, we use a tailored approach with every client, providing you with a customized service plan that meets unique cleaning needs and respects the budget. Contact us today to get a free estimate and on-site safe quote. In true made to order / bespoke style we can dispatch commercial cleaners to start cleaning as soon as you wish! 

BUBBLES and SQUEAK Inc. has established itself as a most trusted commercial cleaning services company based in Etobicoke / Toronto. Looking for a commercial cleaner? We invite you to contact us today at  416-252-4100 to get started!

high traffic Common Areas –
Office Buildings and CONDOMINIUMS

BUBBLES and SQUEAK are professionals specializing in cleaning and maintaining spaces in such locations as all common areas, hallways, gyms, reception areas and offices within the Toronto and Mississauga service region. We clean supermarkets, banks, office buildings, grocery stores and for most any establishment where one can expect countless people visiting every day; commercial locations where regular cleaning and maintenance is a crucial daily activity. Ensuring that for example the office space, retail showroom, restaurant or other place of business is cleaned per a scheduled order can make a huge difference! Our office cleaning experts can also create a schedule for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces.

Our commercial cleaning services are structured to be cost effective and can help the space look fresh and ripe to attract customers. Rely on the expertise of the BUBBLES and SQUEAK team of professionals to ensure a workplace / place of commerce has that special touch of class associated with being in a clean pristine environment which has been sanitized /disinfected.

We invite and give us a call! 416-252-4100 

Clean & Disinfect to reduce the spread of infection

BUBBLES and SQUEAK is prepared to clean and disinfect business space according to the protocols set forth by Public Health. For example, as an office cleaner we will disinfect all high-touch surfaces to ensure action is being taken to help protect staff, tenants, visitors, colleagues and clients are safe from the spread of germs in the workplace (including actions to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus).

Why Hire a professional Cleaning Company for THE business?

Office cleanliness is an important concern for any business. Modern business owners are pursuing higher office standards to provide a healthy, clean and inviting environment for their employees and clients. Cleanliness is more important than ever during this time of COVID-19!

A clean office promotes and increases productivity, plus it presents clients with a positive impression of the company. Respecting this, managers are choosing to hire an office cleaning company. We invite you to invite us to chat to learn more about the cleaning needs so that a quote can be presented.